• FACT: Research shows the registered nurse care saves the health care system money
  • Emergency Registered Nurse shares her story

    I work as a Registered Nurse in emergency.  When I first see you, you might be facing a life or death situation.  You might be afraid and alone and unable to communicate with me to tell me what’s wrong. You might be wondering where your family is.  You might be wondering what’s going to happen to you and if you’re going to be okay.  You might be feeling confused and may not remember what happened and how you ended up in emergency. I will be with you to make... Read More

  • Seeing the big picture

    I became a registered nurse because I wanted to help people. I wanted to do something positive with my life that would improve the lives of others. Nurses have the ability to build trust and confidence in people.  Even though times are hard for our patients, we are there to help, comfort and support them. Being a registered nurse is about seeing the "big picture".  I use my training and experience to critically think as I analyze my patient’s condition and... Read More


Date Posted: 27/02/2014
The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) applauds new research published today in The Lancet, which shows that patients...continued
Date Posted: 26/02/2014
Prof Linda H Aiken PhD a , Douglas M Sloane PhD a, Luk Bruyneel MS b, Koen Van den Heede PhD b, Prof Peter Griffiths PhD c,Prof Reinhard...continued
Date Posted: 11/02/2014
BY CATHARINE MAKELKI, THE STARPHOENIX The community of l'Isle-Verte in Quebec gathered recently to remember the more than 30 residents who lost...continued