On the frontline of
HIV crisis

For every 100,000 people in Saskatchewan there is an average
of 14.5 cases of HIV

thats more than twice the national average
HIV Risks

Many people remain unaware they're Infected. 

Over 750,000 HIV tests were administered in Saskatchewan in 2016.

In 2016, 79% of all new HIV cases in Saskatchewan
self-identified as indigenous.

HIV Crisis Video

The biggest HIV risk factors

HIV Risks


[HIV] is not a diagnosis that belongs to a certain person, who looks a certain way, or has a certain life.

- Susanne Nicolay | Registered Nurse


I know a lot of people who don't get tested. They say if they are positive, they are going to kill themselves.

- Danita Wahpooseway | HIV Activist


Nowadays with HIV you can live a normal life and a normal lifespan with regular bloodwork and tolerable medications.

- Megan | Physician