On the frontline of
Rural and Remote Healthcare

In Saskatchewan
1 in 3 Residents lives in a rural or remote location

In many rural areas,
registered nurses are the first providers
to assess and treat patients.

Four Times

Suicide rates among young people in remote areas are more than 4x higher than those of youth in urban centres.

In remote areas of nothern Saskatchewan

There is an average of 1 doctor for 1700 residents.

Rural and Remote Healthcare Video
As of November 30, 2017

An additional 35 RN(aap)'s were licensed in the year, bringing the total to 94 for the entire province.


Being a RN with Additonal Authorized Practice allows me to deal with many common ailments when there's no doctor available.

- Dre Erwin | RN(AAP)


Registered nurses take care of our community's primary health needs when doctors aren't available.

- Martine Smith | Village Administrator


As rural physician, I tend to cover vast areas where we will be based in one area and have to fly out to others.

- Sam | Rural Physician